Automate your IT support and services desk tasks.
Give your team the superhero abilities to save the day.

Automating the process from creating tickets to resolution, and closure. Helping your IT support agents and staffs to focus on other pressing tasks.

Powerful ticketing management system to meet today's support challenges.

Empower your employees to find help whenever needed through the self-service portal. Request service from the service catalogue.

Digital transformation of your service agreement and suppliers billing automation.

Unify your business apps into a single dashboard.
Auto-discover any unutilized apps and unused SaaS licenses.

Eliminate SaaS wastage through the auto-discovery of SaaS apps used within your organization, easily view unassigned licenses to save costs.

Single click to create users and assign licenses to one or multiple users.

Quickly find duplicated SaaS apps, and auto-discover your users from Azure Active Directory or other identity management system.

Central manage access and security logs, retain logs indefinitely if necessary for compliance.

Gain full control over your IT assets. Discover assets in
your internal network, your cloud or allocated to remote teams.

Discover all of the IT equipment in your network using our feature-caked, cloud or on-premise IT assets discovery tools.

Get complete visibility of your IT equipment, network, to help make important business decisions, and save your precious time and resources.

We can auto-discover the accurate purchase date and warranty status information of any of your IT equipment, to automate the assets lifecycle management.

BLiTS provides assets vulnerabilities scanning and real-time report. Manage compliance before landing in trouble.

See use cases, of 5,000+ companies.

Reducing IT cost, through the automation of IT assets, SaaS and Support management.

Discover how the BLiTS IT management
automation platform can also help your organization.

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IT Assets Automation


Reduce Support Costs


Reduce SaaS Cost


Increase Service Quality

BLiTS Platform IT Automation


IT Support Automation

  • Basic
    • Incidents management.
    • Requests management.
    • Employees self-service portal.
    • 1 SLA with multiple escalations matrix.
    • Categories and sub-categories
    • Documentation management.
    • Assets and SaaS management integration.
    • Basic support
  • Add-ons (From $1 /agent/month)
    • Multiple organizations
    • Multiple channels
    • SVR Automation
    • Billing automation
    • Billing automation: Service provider module.
    • Expenses report management.
    • Work time tracker.
    • Custom integration.
    • Premium support.
    • Ticket processes & workflow automation.
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SaaS Automation

  • Basic
    • Use with Azure AD free plan.
    • Manage 1 identity provider (Azure AD).
    • Manage unlimited SaaS apps and users.
    • Add or remove users to multiple SaaS apps with a single click.
    • Assign user groups to multiple SaaS apps with a single click.
    • Retain audit logs indefinitely.
    • Basic Support.
    • Minimum 10 users.
  • Add-ons
    • Manage multiple identity providers.
    • Custom Integrations.
    • Premium support.
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IT Assets Automation

  • Basic
    • On-premise assets discovery.
    • Cloud assets discovery.
    • Remote users asset discovery.
    • Ticketing system and SaaS integration.
    • Assets lifecycle management.
    • Basic support
  • Basic support
    • Vulnerabilities scanning.
    • Custom Integration.
    • Premium support.
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Pricing Questions and Answers

General (5)

Yes, the mandatory product tier is the BLiTS IT Support Automation basic plan, which is free for an unlimited period, you can add either the SaaS Management Automation or IT Assets Automation or both.

Standard email support during business hours and initial setup support.

Dedicated account manager, 24×7 email and phone support. Priority support and unlimited initial setup support.

The IT Support Automation basic plan is free forever, the add-ons are available for a 30-day free trial.

We offer a 30-day trial for SaaS Management and IT Assets Automation, all add-ons are also included in the free trial period.

IT Assets Automation (4)

The BLiTS IT Asset Management Automation will be able to discover all your IT assets and systems in the cloud.

Standard email support during business hours and initial setup support.

We provide custom integration if you require integration with other systems, contact us for custom integration inquiries.

This provides seamless integration that allows your IT assets to be visible in the ticketing system. Enable your service desk agents and users to view the list of assigned assets from the BLiTS end-user portal, and easily select a device from the list when reporting an incident.

IT Support Automation (6)

For managing services for separate companies within your organization. An IT service provider will utilize this feature for managing customers’ services in different channels.

An organization is a company. For example, a company with an internal IT department is an organization, while the IT service provider company is a separate organization. This is necessary in order to properly manage access and permissions. You can set up multiple organizations with your account if you, you’ll need the unlimited organization add-on feature. An organization can have one or multiple channels.

SVR is a site visit report. A BLiTS platform mechanism for automatically tracking the activities and work performed by a support agent or field service engineer. It automatically generates a report which is available after resolving or performing a task on a ticket.

There are two modules of the billing automation

  1. For a company IT department: Billing automation with a dashboard, enabling the IT department to get a real-time bird eye view of its IT support cost.
  2. For IT service provider: Enabling any service provider to automate the billing of services provided to their customers. The billing report can be generated or routed for approvals and invoicing.

Standard email support during business hours and initial setup support.

This feature allows your users to view the list of their company’s devices: Laptop, mobile, printer, etc, and a list of their SaaS apps. Users can select a device or an app when raising a ticket, which allows the incident to be automatically routed to the responsible resolver group.

SaaS Management Automation (5)

Yes, you do not have to purchase or upgrade to the paid tier of Azure AD and you’ll be able to get the same functionalities of SaaS management through our BLiTS platform.

SaaS automation of employees onboarding or off-boarding. You can assign one user or multiple groups of users to one or multiple SaaS apps with a single click.

Identity providers are Microsoft Azure AD, Google, Okta, etc. This depends on what you’re using within your organization for managing users.

Standard email support during business hours and initial setup support.

This provides seamless integration between the ticketing system and the SaaS Management Automation module if you have signed up for BLiTS IT Support Automation and IT Assets Automation. Users can view the list of their SaaS apps from the BLiTS end-user portal, and easily select an app from the list when reporting an incident.


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