Feeling overwhelmed managing SaaS?

You’re not alone. Most businesses today feel the same way.

We offer a centralized IT management platform.

What happen when you manages SaaS manually or through spreadsheets?

  • You are manually assigning/un-assigning licenses to users.
  • You do not have overall-insight into actual license usage.
  • No overview of which SaaS apps are not being utilized.
  • You can't prevent duplicative purchases and control renewals.
  • No instant real-time information of security logs.

Or using a complicated SaaS management system?

  • They come with complex integration with your ERP system.
  • Lack simple setup and quick ROI.
  • Too many/complex features.
  • Very expensive (some platforms start at $36K year).
A Better Way Forward

SaaS Management with BLiTS

BLiTS Platform is a cost-effective next generation SaaS management solution.

Benefits of BLiTS Platform

  • Visibility

    Complete SaaS users and licenses visibility & getting rid of spreadsheets.

  • License Management

    Save cost through auto-discovery of unused licenses.

  • Apps Visibility

    Better visibility of your SaaS stack with auto-discovering of unused and overlapping apps.

Benefits of BLiTS Platform

  • Operational

    Automate operational workload with users onboarding and offboarding. Single click to create users and assign licenses to one or multiple users. You can assign a user to multiple SaaS apps, or group of users to one or multiple SaaS apps with a single click.

  • Visibility

    Quickly find duplicated SaaS apps, and auto-discover your users from Azure Active Directory or other identity management system to monitor actual license usage in real-time.

  • User Engagement

    Increase end-user engagement and adoption to elevate the employee experience.

Want us to Analyze your SaaS stack for cost savings and management automation?

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"As an IT Manager, the discovery of utilized tools was a pain point. Lists and spreadsheets are too static. Tracking spend trends on usage-based tools really helps keep those costs under control."

Sylvia Plath
Administrator in Medium-Business Financial Services
There is a better way to do it.

Our Core Features by Use Case


  • Automated SaaS discover into a unified dashboard.
  • Employees onboarding and offboarding automation.
  • Add or remove users to multiple SaaS with a single click.
  • Discover inactive SaaS users and unused licenses.
  • Groups mapping to multiple SaaS with a single click.


  • Contract Management.
  • Vendor Management.
  • Your SaaS stack and license overview report.
  • Unassigned licenses discovery to eliminate SaaS wastage.
  • Unutilized SaaS apps discovery.


  • Indefinite audit log retention of your SaaS stack for compliance.
  • Sign-ins log overview.
  • Provisioning activities log overview.




Idea for companies with Azure AD free plan.

$0.90 /user/month
Minimum 10 users
  • Use Azure AD Free Plan.
  • Manage 1 identity provider (Azure AD).
  • Manage unlimited SaaS apps and users.
  • Add or remove users to multiple SaaS apps with a single click.
  • Assign user groups to multiple SaaS apps with a single click.
  • Retain audit logs indefinitely.
  • Basic support


Choose from a list of features and support to meet your needs.

  • Manage multiple identity provider ( including Azure AD).
  • Custom Integration.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Premium support


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