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Feeling overwhelmed tracking and managing SaaS Subscriptions?

You’re not alone. Most businesses today feel the same way; You cannot Manage SaaS on spreadsheets alone !!

That’s where BLiTS comes in.

We offer a centralized platform that provides you with modern SaaS management & Apps Automation, IT Service automation and an IT management system in an all-in-one platform.

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Is this how you are currently managing SaaS?

Are you managing your SaaS Subscriptions through spreadsheets?

  • Lacs Visibility for lapsed renewals, duplicative purchases, and Ever Changing Subscriptions.

  • Lack of ownership and compliance, and is prone to human errors.

  • Lacks Automation, workflows, license management, and portfolio optimization.

  • Lacks Spend optimization and creates SaaS wastage, and cannot do a real time audit of unused licenses and more.

Using a Complicated SaaS Management system?

  • Multiple tools are needed to implement SaaS management, IT Service management, and IT Service automation.

  • Too many/complex features.

  • Complex integration and workflows required between platforms.

  • Very expensive (some platforms start at $36K year).

How much is this costing your business?

  • Paying high monthly subscription for MULTIPLE Tools (SaaS management, IT Service, and ITSM).
    Discover which tool is eating your money in a unified BLiTS dashboard.

  • Upto 33% more SaaS spend due to duplicate and underutilized apps and overlapping functions.
    BLiTS can help you Control your spends by helping you eliminate overlaps.

  • Lack of App visibility by users and employees reducing app adoption and user engagement within your organizations may lead to up to 28% Spillage.
    You will be blown away by how BLiTS can detect and get rid of unused licenses- in short reduce SaaS Spillage.

  • Lack of control over complete SaaS buying process, including license management, Dynamic subscription management, Vendor management, Governance, and compliance.
    This is exactly why we built BLiST Platform - to help you control all of it within a single platform

A Better Way Forward:

SaaS Management with BLiTS

BLiTS Platform is a cost-effective all-in-one platform with a next generation SaaS management solution, modern IT Services, and an IT management system.

Managing IT was a pain point because I couldn't find the needed tools. Lists and spreadsheets are too static; therefore, I looked for something more dynamic. Keeping track of spending trends on usage-based tools is crucial for keeping costs down.

IT Ops Manager - Financial Company

Want us to Analyze your SaaS stack?

There s a better way to do it.

Our Core Features

Unassigned License:

• License analytics.
• Unassigned licenses discovery.
• Release of unassigned licenses.

SaaS Management:

• Contract Management.
• Onboarding and off boarding.
• Licenses overview report.

SaaS Administration:

• Single point auto-provisioning.
• Users auto-discovery.
• Integration.

Inactive Users:

• Users SaaS usage tracking.
• Inactive accounts analytics.
• Licenses di.

Benefits of BLiTS Platform

  • Complete SaaS Visibility & Getting Rid of Spreadsheets.

  • License Management Optimize SaaS Spend and portfolio optimization and take control of your renewals.

  • Increase Operational Turnaround and reducing procurement process with Workflows, Automation and Reduce IT Workload.

  • Increase User Engagement and adoption and Elevate the Employee Experience.

  • More Apps Visibility, Discovery and adoption within organization along with forecasting and benchmarking.

  • Proactive Governance and Compliance Ensure SaaS Compliance.

  • Automate user setup across multiple SaaS with a single click.

  • Eliminates of SaaS wastage with real time audit of unused licenses.


Professional Tier

  • Up to 1000 employees.

  • Up to 5 SaaS subscriptions.

  • 1 identity provider support.

$1 /user /month

Enterprise Tier

  • 1000+ employees.

  • 5+ SaaS subscriptions.

  • More than 1 identity provider.

  • Integration support.

  • Dedicated account manager.


See why our clients love BLiTS

BLiTS has given clear visibility across our SaaS applications. BLiTS has made our accounts and finance team’s life easier by offering visibility on overall SaaS spends.

Brian D.

Just by discovering unused services and licenses using BLiTS we were able to save a lot of money.

David V.

BLiTS is perhaps the best software I came across in many years and their customer success team is just phenomenal.

Cassy S.

    SEE how 2000+ companies are utilizing BLiTS to manage their modern IT environment and reduce costs.

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