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Our IT Support Services

We provide remote support to users and IT infrastructure.

Onsite IT support to provide services that can’t be performed remotely.

A dedicated account manager is your SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for any administrative queries regarding your services.

Our services are available during normal local business hours, use the IT Support Finder tool to add non business hours support requirement.

Below is our standard response and resolution time, here is a ticket categorization process to view the process of how we prioritize tickets.

PriorityResponse TimeResolution Time
P130 munities4 hours
P22 hoursNext day
P34 hours2 days
P4Next day5 days


Contact us if you need a custom SLA.

See our FAQs for questions about our services.

The following are other services we provide to our customers, click on any of the below services to add to your support package.

  1. Servers Monitoring
  2. Network Monitoring
  3. IT Staffing

What you get with our services.

IT Management System

A ticketing system for tracking incidents and requests, automating the lifecycle of tickets management.

Provide a self-serve portal to users, empowering employee to find support when needed.

A database system with all IT assets and for tracking their lifecycle. Know who has which device, monitor the device health and be proactive in identifying events to avoid any system failure.

Track all your organization apps from a single dashboard, automates license management to reduce cost and access to each app.

A device catalogue that enable your organization streamline device request.

Thanks to BLiTS Platform, we are now able to provide end-user support cost effectively without degrading the service quality.
Andreas Wyss
Director - Digital Workplace


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